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1. Corporate Culture

Maintain the entrepreneurial spirit
      All my colleagues have clearly recognized: Today, Nodka still in the start-up stage, still need my colleagues to continue to carry forward the "indomitable, thrives," the entrepreneurial spirit. Like every human life, our business is toughness and potential, and in the process of growing the way, we will encounter difficulties and challenges encountered, suffered pain, and even failed, but as long as our hearts are forward, As long as we unite as one, unity of purpose, our business will move forward, we will move forward on a common cause! In the past, our common experience of struggle and growth is the most powerful verification; in the future, we are even more so.
Creating value for customers
      Customers will always be our bread and butter business, to provide professional services, not limited to the sales team, but we have every department and every one of my colleagues work closely. As a management guru, said:. "In a sense, the order is our own creation, rather than behind the customer orders to the value of sustainable value behind the order is sustainable." Therefore, work, we want to keep a clear head, to continue to carry out self-examination: "We are not truly understand the customer's needs and mining products and services we offer are not competitive products and services we provide to our customers?? sustainability has it? "know your customer, please identify yourself, to ensure that we win in the fierce market competition.
Constantly better ourselves
      With the growth of the business year, we also must have a "better ourselves" mentality. This is because we live in the era of rapid change and a rapidly changing IT industry, and today I feel pretty good products and ideas, to the backwardness and tomorrow maybe it will become feasible. This is because, once we feel that this has been very good, made so has been pretty good, we would not have space for a larger development. Therefore, each of us can not stick to the past successes or work habits, but to actively seek to improve work efficiency, improve product quality, improve the effectiveness of the method of work, the need for greater inclusion and adoption of mind to those the new management philosophy, working methods and recommendations.
Courage to take responsibility
      Future journey ahead, we remain convinced that the power of a sense of responsibility. From top to bottom, we must continue to encourage every one of my colleagues at work on their own responsibility, responsible for the work done on their own. More emphasis on the "top down", meaning that the various departments of the role models of our managers and supervisors is too important. An ideal working state is: When the error occurs, we do not find excuses for ourselves, not to put the blame on to the relevant person, but to be able to do some soul, honest mistake, continuous improvement. Such a responsibility not only to reduce bureaucracy and passing the work, but also to eliminate misunderstanding and friction between them, promote greater understanding and friendship. World renowned management guru once said: "A great importance to the contribution of people, the person responsible for the outcome, regardless of his position and more humble, he still belongs to senior managers." Our colleagues who dared to express in the work of our noble responsibility tribute!

2. Nodka office

The company's development Memorabilia
      Established in 2002 on Hainuo Da Jia Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd., the Taiwan agent several brands of industrial computer products
      March 2007 launched its own brand of industrial tablet PC, industrial display, integrated workstations, and IPC
      Founded in January 2008, Beijing Office
      Founded in March 2008, Chengdu Office
      April 2008 NODKA full range of Industrial Panel PC, industrial display and integrated workstation through CE certification
      May 2008 NODKA passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification
      Founded in August 2008, Guangzhou Office
October 2008 establishment of the Suzhou office
     January 2009 the company moved to Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone in Minhang District, 500 square meters of office space
      Founded in March 2009 Changchun Office
December 2009 established offices in Changsha
      May 2010 successfully launched ARM9 2440 HMI platform architecture
      Founded in June 2010 Chongqing Office
      October 2010 established overseas markets business unit
      November 2010 NODKA products through EMC certification
      December 2010 established the R & D department of industrial computer motherboard
      January 2011 the company moved to Shanghai Minhang Industrial Park Chung Yan, 1,500  square meters of office space
      March 2011 in Hanover, Germany to participate in the international information and communications technology exposition, officially taking the pace of overseas marketing
      Founded in March 2011, Wuhan Office
      Founded in March 2011, Shenyang Office
     July 2011 established offices in Nanjing
     December 2011 establishment of the Suzhou precision sheet metal factory and assembly plant

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