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OEM / ODM customized services
( Updated: JULY,2,2014 )
    One important feature of the industrial sector is the demand for the product diversification and personalization, causing many solutions based on standardized products can not meet the requirements or the use of less than optimal results; With Noda good ten years' experience in the industrial sector accumulated and product resources, the realization of the many customization needs of customers in the process of establishing the design and development capabilities with superior customized service team, customers can quickly ideas and needs into practical solutions.  
    By using excellent development and manufacturing Noda It offers an extensive supply chain resources and service delivery model to help clients reduce (or even eliminate) many daily execution (design, manufacturing, logistics) problems, so customers need to focus on the core values ​​of the business and technology, takes less time and money that can achieve the desired products and programs to reduce the company's production and management burden, improve the company's R & D productivity and market competitiveness.
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