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 Industrial Tablet PC applications in pumping station monitoring system

Use of the product:TPC6000-8170T
Country / Region:Guangdong

Project Description
      Pumping station monitoring system is mainly to the joint operation of pumping station group for effective monitoring and control to ensure a more secure and reliable operation of the gate. Scientific monitoring system utilization mature industrial control technology, sensor technology, data transmission technology and computer technology to create an advanced control system to improve the project's safety, reliability, and give full play engineering efficiency, promote water conservancy project management, information technology and modernization.
System Requirements
      Data pumping station monitoring system is generally set in the station pumping station,undertake real-time hydrological information collected pumping station main entrance of the river, equipment operation, basic information for Station rivers and other related information will be collected in Real-time monitoring of business information stored in each lock station's library. To ensure the normal operation of the monitoring system requires a number of strong stability, high performance industrial control equipment Tablet PC as the control center. Industrial Panel PC port must have a variety of applications to meet the communications and joins the main systems and subsystems, and complete the acquisition and interactive data. Due to budget constraints works by, making the product selection, in addition to meeting the technical requirements of the device, while also considering the purchase cost of the device.
NODKA Solutions
     After full communication with customers, Nodka proposed solutions: monitoring point of each pumping station located a good 17-inch tablet Nodka PLC as the control of the host computer (workstation), real-time data via the site PLC to complete the acquisition and tablet PC through the serial port to transfer data to the host. Let the data server nodes in the cluster for Station sink to collect data for each site, and the interface to save all data in real-time database and related information via Nodka Tablet PC networks. In the dispatch center, Nodka Tablet PC as geographic information monitoring system host via Nodka tablet display, monitor terminal pumping station can monitor each case in the field of real-time scheduling indoors.
      1, Nodka tablet cost-effective, compared with the same performance peer products, prices are generally lower than 20% of the equipment cost savings to customers, creating a good economic benefits.
      2, Nodka tablet PC motherboards commonly used in industrial production INTEL chipset and ultra-low power fanless processor, high stability, good compatibility, low heat dissipation, running at high temperatures will not crash.
      3, Nodka tablet PC is equipped with rich interfaces commonly used in industrial control, multi-port, multi-USB port, dual Ethernet ports and two 32-bit PCI expansion slots and other interfaces can be fully used in communication and connection with other devices, with good expansion properties.
      4, Nodka tablet PC with magnesium alloy front panel PET film reaches NEMA IP65 protection class, with a good protective effect in reflected beauty while ensuring uninterrupted operation in harsh industrial scene.

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